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Performance This Year Set to Soar!

24th Nov 2017

Performance This Year Set to Soar!

Performance This Year Set to Soar!

Our Trust has introduced a new way to track student achievement. Our Student Tracking of Effort and Progress (STEPs) is really gathering momentum.

Soon, all parents and carers will be provided with their child's first 'STEPs to Success Report'. This will be provided six times a year.

The system enables teachers to predict what grade students will get at the end of year 11, taking in to account a variety of evidence trails that are both internally and externally checked for accuracy.

We are delighted that our current Year 11 students are predicted to achieve world-class results that are set to position us in the top 20% for all performance measures.

Our unwavering ambition as an academy is to be an academy that is recognised as being one of the top performing institutions in the country. To be clear, this is not for the academy but for the great students who attend here who we believe, deserve the very best.

These predictions signify a huge step towards realising our aims. For the first time ever last year, students at Kirk Balk Academy performed much better than the national average in terms of attainment in both English and Maths. The whole point of our school is to put the future life chances for children first. This is extremely important to us and we will not stop until all students leave with the very best examination grades for them to succeed in their future endeavours.