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NET Behaviour Policy

27th Mar 2018

NET Behaviour Policy


You will be aware that we constantly focus on standards, as we understand that outcomes for your children are paramount for their future life chances. This means everything to us and we realise that you expect nothing less. As previously communicated, we want all our conversations, wherever possible, to centre on learning and not on the things that 'just get in the way'. Therefore, as we continue with our ambitions, I wanted to take this opportunity to inform you that governors have recently agreed to adopt the Northern Education Trust Behaviour Policy. This is a common framework which is being implemented in all Northern Education Trust Academies, of which we are one. Many of the foundations of this new policy are undistinguishable from our current position. For example, the rules regarding uniform, make-up, footwear and mobile phones are identical; as are many other things.

There are however, a few subtle changes. Most of these will be communicated with you prior to May half term. A full suite of information will follow after the Easter holidays, as the intention is for the new Behaviour Policy in it's entirety to go live during the final half term of this academic year. I have made the new Behaviour Policy available on our website for you to review in advance. In the meantime, it is important to note that the newly adopted Behaviour Policy states that jewellery of any kind is not permitted. Specifically, the new policy states:

'Jewellery, other than a watch, is not allowed. Smart watches are also not allowed.'

Parents and carers should note therefore, that from Monday 9th April 2018 we shall be enforcing this position regarding jewellery. We believe this stance to be clear and unambiguous; something I know that parents and carers have asked for. Students who choose to attend the academy wearing jewellery other than an ordinary wrist watch, will be asked to remove the item or items. Jewellery will be confiscated and stored in reception, whereby parents can collect it at the end of the day (as we would do if a child used their mobile phone in the academy building). A one hour detention will also be issued.

Please note that we do not exclude students for wearing jewellery but we will ask students to remove their jewellery. This is a reasonable request. If a student fails to comply immediately with a reasonable request then the academy will issue a fixed term exclusion. Parents should be clear that this applies to all reasonable requests and not just those associated with jewellery.

NET Behaviour Policy- March 2018

NET Behaviour Policy 2014