Students voice their ideas for the future

2nd Aug 2018

Students voice their ideas for the future

A group of Year 9 students took part in a creative workshop as part of the Great Place, Wentworth and Elsecar project. The project is funded through the Heritage Lottery Fund and Arts Council England and aims to enable cultural and community groups to work more closely together and to place heritage at the heart of communities. They want young people to have a voice and help shape the future of their local area.

They enlisted the help of Grimm & Co, a writing charity for children aged 7-18, to deliver a creative workshop that allows students to use their imaginations to see their future town, with particular emphasis on Wentworth Woodhouse and the Elsecar Heritage site. All students really engaged in the discussion of the importance of arts, culture, and education and came up with some fantastic ideas for events and activities including a young person's music festival, engineering club, gaming conventions, hide and seek in Wentworth Woodhouse, car shows, poetry clubs, sports tournaments and improvements to outdoor spaces plus many more. Hopefully, some of their ideas will become reality!