Y8 Graduation Information

8th Oct 2018

Y8 Graduation Information

Year 8 is one of the most crucial years in your child's education as they will ultimately make decisions on the 'pathway' and subjects they will choose to study at GCSE level. At Kirk Balk Academy, we believe that all students deserve the best possible outcomes so that your child has a variety of options when leaving in Year 11. In many subjects, moving into Year 9 is a significant step as it marks the first year of GCSE qualifications. As these qualifications are so crucial in creating future life chances, it is important that your child is in the correct mind set and is setting consistently high standards prior to the start of these studies.

As a result, it is crucial that parents understand how the Graduation process works at Kirk Balk Academy. If your child is consistently working hard and achieves effort grades of E3 or above on their STEP reports, they will successfully graduate from Y8 into Y9. However, if your child displays behaviour which is unsatisfactory and does not meet Kirk Balk expectations (E4 grades or lower), they will run the risk of not graduating.

I ask all parents to look at the first STEP report which you will receive in the coming weeks to ensure you are fully aware of your child's progress in relation to graduating. If your child is running the risk of not graduating, I will be contacting you in the coming weeks to arrange a meeting and dicuss next steps to ensure that your child rectifies their behaviour prior to graduation.

However, if your child is successful in graduating at the end of Year 8, you will be invited to attend a formal 'cap and gown' ceremony in July 2019 which is a celebration of your child's effort and commitment to their studies. Your child will also be invited to attend a three day residential trip run by Bushcraft Company at their Castle Howard site at the end of July 2019. More information will follow regarding both the ceremony and the residential following your child's success in graduating is confirmed.