Student Voice

During the final summer half term, six student voice groups held their first official meetings. Each group had a great vision of what they would like to achieve within a year and they all had some fantastic ideas to develop their area within the Academy. The six groups are:

  • Sport, Health and Wellbeing
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Performing Arts
  • Hospitality
  • Charity and Fundraising
  • SMSC Development

The following students are campaigning to be Student President.

All students at Kirk Balk will be taking part in an election over the next few weeks to vote for the person they would like to be president.

This is your time to learn about the six candidates and why they think they would be a fantastic representative of the Academy.

Student Voice Presidential Candidates 1

Student Voice Presidential Candidates 2


Jay has continued to learn at a consistent level since starting at Kirk Balk.

- Jay Andrews Year 7


94.3% A to C in Chemistry

94.3% of students at Kirk Balk achieved grades A*-C in their 2017 Chemistry GCSE exam

78% achieve a grade 4 (equivalent to a grade C) or higher in English

78% achieve a grade 4 (equivalent to a grade C) or higher in English

90.7% A*-C in Physics

90.7% of students achieved grades A*-C in the summer 2017 GCSE Physics exams.