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Cadbury World Trip review

By Lucy, Isabel and Jessica

Cadbury World is a chocolate wonderland where you can eat chocolate until your stomach is content whilst learning the history of this deliciously creamy treat.

Upon arrival at Cadbury World, the museum for chocolate, we explored the colossal factory in house groups to discover how this mouth-watering luxury was invented and uncover the super sweet secrets behind it. Next, we entered the Cadbury World shop. The biggest Cadbury shop in the world! We were mesmerised by the glory of the merchandise gleaming upon each wall. After that, we sauntered over to the 4D cinema and travelled to a new dimension where chocolate had taken over. Soon afterwards we were educated on the history of chocolate.chocolate.chocolate. Dreamy, silky and taste bud tingling chocolates!

We rate Cadbury world 4/5 as Y7s enjoyed this thrilling trip and would love to revisit. Many thanks to all the teachers who helped make this trip happen and special thanks to Miss Basser for organising this tremendous trip.

Book review: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling

by KBA Reporting Team.

Main Characters:
-Harry Potter
-Ron Weasley
-Hermoine Granger

At the beginning, Harry is back with his Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon and cousin Dudley-the dreaded Dursleys! What happens when the secrets that have been kept from Harry for years have finally come out? He returns to Hogwarts for one more year of mischief and mayhem but what lies ahead for Harry in the rest of this stupendous series?

I think this book was really invigorating and constantly kept me on my toes! I adored this book because the author (J.K. Rowling) created tons of suspense. In particular, my favourite part was the twisted ending... I won't spoil it for you though! Read it and find out, especially if you're part of the Accelerated Reader scheme.

Don't forget to read the rest of the Harry Potter book series to find out more. There are even a series of fascinating films on this!

Anti-bullying interview

What do you think about bullying?

  • It is a bad thing because it makes people feel bad about themselves and it isn't fair.

Do you think Kirk Balk Academy is successfully standing up to bullying? What do you think about the jumpers?

  • Yes the Academy is standing up to bulling because of the jumpers worn by the pastoral team and the vivid posters around the school. There have also been a number of activities occurring around school in order to raise awareness about bullying.

What would you advise somebody who is getting bullied?

  • Tell a teacher or a responsible adult immediately so they can help. If you see somebody getting bullied, you should still tell somebody straight away. Nobody should suffer in silence.

Answered by KB Reporters

Y7 students, Isabel G and Jessica R, interviewed Mrs Pollock in regards to the school production which fellow students are currently rehearsing for.

What is the production about?

The production is the heart- warming story of young Aladdin- one of my personal favourites and a family favourite too!

When will this exciting production take place?

The production, Aladdin, is going to take place in July 2017.

Why did you choose this production?

I just love musicals! This particular musical is my all-time favourite Disney film so I decided, ?why not use it as our production at Kirk Balk Academy??

What does an effective and successful performance require?

Well, the main thing is skilful acting and singing, but what people don't realise is that a good performance takes a lot more than that. You also need lights and costumes. It also needs to be tight and well-rehearsed. But overall, the most important thing is to have fun because when you're having fun, the audience will have fun too.

Most books borrowed and read


  • Lee B-26 books
  • Chantell M-23 books
  • Charles H-19 books
  • Declan V-19 books
  • Margot L-17 books


  • Alice H-28 books
  • Sarah D-22 books
  • Nichola C-14 books
  • Shannon B-12 books
  • Ebony G-12 books

House Charities - KB Reporters Profiles

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KB Reporters - Interview with our Assistant Principal.

  • What is your name?

Mr. Moore

  • What house are you in?


  • Why did you choose to work at Kirk Balk?

I believe everybody should have access to a good education and Kirk Balk has always had good students.

  • What do you think the behaviour is like so far?

I think behaviour is really good and most students behave most of the time. I walk around the building everyday and see very little poor behaviour.

  • What is your favourite childhood memory/story?

I lived on an island called Borneo until I was around 5 years old. I have a memory of swimming with sharks in the ocean which was good fun!

  • What is your favourite food?

Italian food because I love pizza with lots of pepperoni and chocolate (but obviously not on the pizza!)

  • Do you prefer reading a book or watching a film? Why?

Books. I read for an hour everyday and I always have because I find it relaxing. You can read a book in chunks whereas you have to watch a film all in one go.

  • If you weren't a teacher, where else would you see your career?

I wanted to be a cricketer but I wasn't good enough. So I would be working in a second hand book shop that sold coffee and chocolate.

  • If you could go on holiday anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Probably Australia because the wildlife is so different or New York.

  • Do you have any hobbies?

I used to play rugby until I retired and my favourite hobby now is driving my children around, because that's how I now spend most of my time!

  • What is your favourite time of year and why?

Winter because I like to be warm inside when it's cold outside. Also, I don't feel guilty about sitting inside with a cup of tea!

  • Currently what is your favourite song?

Sia - Chandelier